jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

Joan Matabosch, new artistic director of Teatro Real de Madrid.

(Madrid, September 11th, 2013). In a meeting held today, the Executive Commission of the Teatro Real, has agreed to authorize the contracting of Joan Matabosch as Artistic Director of the Teatro Real for a period of six years.  This decision has been made according to the normal process for designating the person to hold the position of Artistic Director; a process initiated three months ago, in which several outstanding professionals of different nationalities were taken into consideration. Finally, the Commission Ejecutiva del Teatro Rea l has decided upon the immediate incorporation of Joan Matabosch as Artistic Director.
Joan Matabosch (Barcelona, 1961), completed his studies in Piano, Voice and Harmony. He is a graduate of Computer Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has studied Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid.  Since 1997 he has held the position of Artistic Director of the Gran Teatre del Liceu,  Barcelona.  Throughout his extensive term at this theatre, he has favoured the inclusion of great composers of the twentieth century in the repertory of the Liceu, as well as reinforcing the presence of the best singers, conductors and stage directors.  He has developed an important audiovisual project which includes over 50 publications of productions from the Liceu and has encouraged participation in co-productions with important international Theatres. He was founder and president of “Opera Europa” and participates as one of the judges in many prestigious international musical international competitions in the field of music and lyrical works.
The Artistic Project presented by Joan Matabosch contemplates a balanced artistic proposal which is coherent with the present project of the Teatro Real, especially in relation to the high standard of musical quality and international renown.
The President of the Teatro Real has informed the President of the Gran Teatre del Liceu of this decision and the intention to carry it out with whatever flexibility may be necessary in order to facilitate the transition period, all within the spirit of collaboration that reigns between these two institutions. In this sense, Joan Matabosach will continue to collaborate with the Liceu until a suitable substitution has been found for this theatre.
In consequence, the Executive Commission has decided to replace he who until now has been the artistic director, Gerard Morier.  This decision has been made following of his recent public announcements in which he made clear his decision to leave the Teatro Real if the final candidate was not one of those he proposed.
In any case, the Teatro Real, most sincerely regrets the information received regarding Gerard Mortier’s present state of health, and wishes him a speedy recovery.  Likewise the Teatro Real wants to publicly acknowledge the extraordinary work that Gerard Mortier carried out during the four years that he has maintained a professional relationship with the Teatro Real.

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