sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Puccini opera in honor Ponce run in Nimes

The matador Enrique Ponce cut four ears to the celebration of morning of Nimes, in which he paid tribute to the 25th anniversary of an alternative, and opened the door listed Consuls, one morning when the Rejón Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza walked two annexes. With a full apparent in the stands, two bulls in bullfights Fermin Bohorquez were beaten, first and fourth, with the exception of the first and the other noble and bland; and five ordinary combat Alcurrucén, Victoriano del Río Domingo Hernandez and two of Juan Pedro Domecq, the last gift of various behaviors. The rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, two ears and silent; Enrique Ponce, around the ring, applause, silence, two ears and two ears in the gift. He went on the shoulders of the door of the consuls. Ponce had to wait for the last of his four bulls to express themselves and succeed. A noble bull Juan Pedro was the ideal opponent, accompanied by singing tenor aria (Francesco Demuro) slaughter Nessun Dorma operaTurandot Puccini.  Among the elegance of Ponce, the nobility of the bull of Juan Pedro and beauty of the singing, the excitement takes over and fall thrust pads did not prevent the granting Trophies. Believing no doubt that these two trophies knew little, Ponce gave the hat to Jean-Pierre, who has neither the class nor the mobility of the above. Valencia supplied the gaps with his usual wisdom and this time the music played The hymn to love and fell soundly. The first three bulls in this pair unbalanced Ponce (rejoneador two bulls and four for the matador) was a violent bull Alcurrucén other demanding Victoriano del Rio, one of Domingo Hernandez, too abrupt and rough. Against any Ponce showed his wisdom and good time. Hermoso de Mendoza was above the conditions of their first Bohorquez, a bull that was less and was at the end, and which attracted a colorful and technical task, awarded two ears after a rejonazo. The fourth was a noble bull and bland against which the rider was easy. He stabbed seven times and lost the money.

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